Saturday, 6 March 2010

Hi everyone, it's Lisa.

Hello to all my readers,
My name is Lisa.
I am a 21 year old female.
I am a Kiwi.
Born and bred in New Zealand.

I am working part-time in a bakery and studying full-time at University.
I love cooking (recipe sharing), dancing (hip hop, jazz, ballet, salsa, tango, ballroom and many others), writing (I am studying English, writing and languages). I also love the internet; Online gaming (Lord of The Rings) etc.

Through my studies I read and write a lot. Many assignments are time consuming. I will see how much blogging I will get done... as well as dancing, singing and partying! Since I am also working too.

Lord of the Rings Online game, I played full time for two years and only gave up on the break-up of a relationship.
Now I am looking at getting a bigger, faster computer. I'm currently running a 4 gig laptop (Asus EEEPC with a 7" screen)... not quite big enough to run any significant games, let alone get music or downloads going on!
But don't worry I am working on saving up for a new laptop with hopefully more space to save stuff, as well as more screen!

Anyway, I will write more soon.
You can also catch me on Twitter;


  1. what happened to the rest of your blog? :) good start tho. ive managed to keep a blog going for about a year now but it is hard work sometimes

  2. Hi there Wandering Dodd, It's a work in progress. Cant rush these things!