Saturday, 1 January 2011

New Year

New Year, New Resolution.

For all of January I have made a resolution to come on here and write every day, (at least every day of January).

So far 2011 has been pretty good; Feeling the effects of drinking & enjoying the company of friends.

Made a New Years Resolution list of goals for each month:

January: Blog madly.
Feb: Fun with friends, singles party for Valentines.
March: Meet new friends, catch up with old ones.
April: Movies, TV and game madness.
May: No alcohol for the month.
June: Photography madness, and buy a new camera.
July: XBox360 game fun, for once use it I guess.
August: Attempt something new. (hobby etc).
September: Month of my Birthday.
October: No alcohol for the month.
November: Get arty.
December: Go home for a week, instead of just a few days.

I also have a list of smaller goals for the whole year:
Not biting nails, getting better grades etc.

There are a few others that won't be mentioned online but yeah.

Exciting month ahead: Took over the lease on my house, so now I'm the "head tenant" although I'll get all flatmates to sign tenancy agreements and lease/ bond forms etc. No way am I accepting liability for all costs incurred. Have been flatting for a few years now so am aware of the complications of problematic flatmates etc.

I'm got a bit of writers-block. lol. How am I writing anything?
So it's been suggested that I write about my "love life" hmm, where to start?
Other than to point out that I'm currently single, with a few "crushes" who like me, although one or two are a bit more than mutual. haha. Will see what this year brings in the "love" department.
Had a few friends (recently throughout 2010) from high school etc, get married/ engaged and popping out babies... Fun times. Makes me feel old though, with so many of us marrying etc. Kind of scary.
I'm happy just doing what I do, single life's treated me pretty well the past year or so. :)

Jeremy, Jess, Kim and I spent New Years together. :) It's always a good time to just hang out with friends. Chilling out, drinking, eatting and having fun. Oh yeah and singing on Wii. Playing drinking games (Snakes and Ladders) with shots not such a great idea, but still very fun. Haha.

Anyway, I'd better go polish off this lil story that I started on the bus, and will possibly add it onto here later on.

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