Thursday, 25 July 2013

Middle of July and end of July 2013

So in the past few days, since last Friday in fact, Wellington has been rocking and rolling.
We were awoken by a quake just after 7am on Friday morning, large enough to make me wake up, roll out of bed and "turtle" on the floor.

This cute video from 1951 shows how to "turtle": aka Duck and Cover.
In NZ we're taught to Duck, Cover and Hold. (Usually under a table).

Friday Dan went off to work. I was left at home alone, to fend for myself. Luckily the internet kept me entertained.

On Saturday we decided to relax. We stayed home and just hung out. Watched some TV shows.

On Sunday, another early morning jolt. Then after an afternoon of wandering town shopping and enjoying ourselves. . . We went to the supermarket. At 5:09pm we experienced the scariest shopping experience of our lives. We were in the middle of deciding what to buy, when everything started to shake and move. Things fell from the shelves. There was panic and mayhem! Somehow Dan grabbed my arm and we ran from the aisles to a closed doorway/ space clear enough to stand without having thing fall on us. About 4 other people joined us there. Everyone just ran. As soon as it has stopped, we checked everyone was okay and promptly left, bought our things and walked home. To the sounds of blaring alarms; the streets were quiet, with only a few other people around all walking quickly to their destinations.

When we reached home, 8 blocks away, we were thankful to find everything pretty much intact.
My lava lamp fell to the floor, thankfully it fell into the three parts, base, glass lava and top. Luckily the glass didn't break.

Next door, the apartment building has some cracks in the base. A few concrete blocks are broken out of it. Today I see that someone has put some cones up around it.

Here are some photo's I've taken from the Quake:

My Plants Vs Zombie figurines fell over off the bookshelves.

My artist human fell over...

The after photo: a few brick blocks are cracked/ falling out. 

Today: some cones and caution type tape. 

I also went up to Eva's Attic, where I volunteer and came across some other interesting quake problems. Such as:

A dolly was blocking the doorway!

Large mirror fell, not broken, thank goodness!

Wiring left exposed. Thankfully this is phone jacks not power!

A glass fell, unbroken.

A shoe rack: squashed by the mirror.

In the meantime Eva's Attic is closed until we can get engineer reports back about the building itself. Nothing too major, hopefully will be a fast fix. Closed until 5th August at this stage, but that date may change... so keep an eye out!

**Update: closed until we move. Having some moving sales check out our page on Facebook.

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