Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Day 13

Day 13... already!
About halfway through the Style Cure month here.

So on Day 12, I actually skipped ahead and completed today's challenge as well. - We'd gone shopping and then put it all into place.

We also vacuumed, the carpet is still horrible, nothing much we can do though - other than continue daily vacuuming it.
ARGH, not ideal, but oh well.

Okay, so the mat is in place, the couch is covered, the poster was swapped with the Bubbles picture.

Pictures were updated to pinterested.

The entryway still looks awesome.
Hasn't been ruined by being changed around again. ;)

Today I have been relaxing in the sunshine and drying washing. Also attempting to lighten my hair up - not so natural, but it won't effect the No-Poo hair technique I've been doing. (There was another blog post around somewhere about that).

Before and After:

Beautiful and functional as a guest space.
(I've also moved the chair and suitcase out- so there's more space). 

Loving that rag rug mat!