Friday, 8 August 2014

Postage, couriers

One of the downsides to living in an apartment is that with a shared lobby where the letterboxes are is that local post-people and couriers won't leave packages - even if the parcel has a message on it which says to do so! Worse is the couriers who deliver weekly packages to your building but won't keep the door code/ access code on file, even though they come in every week! (*Sigh*)
Today the problem is that the courier won't call to advise the parcel has arrived, and that they don't have access (so can't leave a card for you in the mail box), even though your phone number is right there on the parcel! I swear that the local courier and post-person is out to annoy me sometimes. Hehe.

Then again I know that "they're just doing their job, following the protocol and policies..."
But it is frustrating.

I had an email from the sender, saying they had been told by the local courier (here) that the parcel had had a card to collect/call left, but I have not seen one since my last parcel arrived! I swear they had no access. It is a mixture of annoyance at the sender for not including all information on the address ticket, and the courier for not knowing the door codes (even though they're here - weekly at least) *Apparently it is against company policy for them to know door access codes.*

Still, it is super annoying.

Thankfully I'm still working only casually, so I have a bit of time to go down and talk to the lovely people at the local post shop to get things moving, but it's still a pain. That time I could be spending on doing actual worthwhile things. (Like catching up on laundry - it never seems to end, doing chores, shopping for groceries, or something fun like dancing around in the living room! - With loud blaring music off the TV station.)

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