Saturday, 31 January 2015

What I've learned from blogging and a beg for Help

In may 2010 I decided to create this blog, through all the life changes the one thing that has been there constantly is this blog...

This blog post I'm reflecting on the lessons I've learned about blogging as well as trying to figure out what I'm doing. Hah! Years of blogging and I still don't know!

Way back in May 2010 I created this blog: Lisa's Life From Wellington.
The reason behind it's creation being that I wanted to create an online journal telling my family what I was up to while I was away at university.
During that time life has changed (a lot) from ex boyfriends to finding one I've been with for the past 3.5 years. I've moved houses and changed and adapted to Apartment life. Moving from suburbia to the central city. Getting diagnosed with Asthma (baker's lung), allergies, and anxiety. Finding my way in life and adapting to all the changes.

Recently I've decided to return to University to complete my degree, which means studying part time. I've been restricted to one paper per trimester by the university. And I have to self fund as Studylink doesn't allow students who are restricted to gain financial assistance (there is a minimum grade threshold to meet, and you have to have a certain pass grade to be eligible for future finances. Right now I don't meet that threshold.)
I'm going back to return to my study for my BA in English Literature.

Please donate to the cause here: ---> GoOnSendMetoSchool <--- br="" fund="" go="" me.="" through="">Every little bit helps, so even if it's as much as $5 that will help me a lot.
The $200 I'm trying to raise will cover my textbooks and a bit of the fees. I've had to beg and borrow to get this far. The total fees are closer to $1,500 however the $200 will go towards study expenses such as the compulsory textbooks. 

In other news with the change to my education, I'll be closer to reaching my goal of becoming an ESOL teacher. I've completed my 200 hours certification since being away from uni for the two year stand down. And held down a number of odd jobs in that time too.

The battle with the anxiety and depressive monsters is also ongoing. My nails are looking alright, I broke another nail when I was volunteering at Eva's Attic the other day so I had to cut them all off shorter to match it. I haven't bitten them off in a long time now, but the temptation is still there; I'll find myself bored or whatever and sucking on my fingertip or absentmindedly trying to bite them (worst time is when I break a nail and don't have access to nail clippers). I try and keep myself going by sharing photos of them on my instagram account and I've found others on Instagram who are also battling, so it's good to know I'm not alone. It's also good to hear of others who use my photos as their inspiration and "nail goals" which is weird... I feel sort of famous about it, even though it's still largely anonymous - it's not like I'd seen them on the street and be hassled for my autograph!

Eva's Attic is in the process of closing down which is a bit sad. I've been volunteering there for a long time now. March 2013 to now in fact! At the end of February the lease expires, so the shop will be no more. It will be moving online and may eventually open a smaller shop in Auckland.
 It is very difficult to run a physical shop when you're a charity though. Doesn't help we're having sales constantly which still don't make much revenue. I'm sad to be leaving, but onwards and upwards. University awaits me. The idea of Pop Up shops excites me though - as an idea it sounds really good, but again I'm skeptical on what the benefits would be finances wise.

Keep an eye on their facebook page for the news and current events and happenings. 

Earlier today I went and picked up my prescriptions from the pharmacy - after I'd arrived back home I realised the Chemist had dispensed the wrong dosage for the medication (it's a pre-measured inhaler, so I can't take a half dose or whatever). I tried to call them but no answer. Walked back down, switched the meds over all good.
Was walking home and saw this:

One of the Bananas in Pajamas, Elmo and other characters walking down the street.
~ But that ride though... ~

Today's quote is in the form of a Song.
"Elmo's Song."