Monday, 23 March 2015

Dan is 28 Happy Birthday honey!

Happy Birthday to the Best Boyfriend ever!**

On Saturday we held a surprise birthday party for him.
It was so hard not to tell him. I had to stay silent for an entire week - and we were together doing a bunch of stuff. 
It was difficult when friends saw us on the street and mentioned getting dinner "on Saturday"... 
I was sure Dan was catching on to the surprise! 

He also noticed I'd thrown a "few" (lots) of extras in the shopping trolley at the supermarket - things we don't normally get like fancy cheeses, wine and birthday cake supplies. 

When he asked me why I said the wine was in case we got guests (his Mum and Nanna are here this weekend, so it's plausible!) and the cheese and cake stuff I said "I just need it... like really. I need it. I'm thinking of doing some baking." (I don't normally do baking due to the flour allergy and Baker's Lung.)

Thankfully he didn't notice all of these little hints, and our friends were good once I'd contacted them *after* seeing them to let them in on their close call! 

Here are some of my favourite photos of my darling Dan from Melbourne travels, to exploring the waterfront...

 **His birthday was last Tuesday - the 17th of March.

A quick run down of how Dan and I met:
"But some people meet in a chatroom and sometimes on Facebook, which is how former New Plymouth couple Lisa Taylor, 24, and Daniel Ryan, 27 met.
Growing up in New Plymouth they had "heaps" of mutual friends, so ended up connected on Facebook. They chatted online for quite a long time, meeting in person when Taylor moved to Wellington.
"We had all these friends in common and we were like, 'How did we never meet in person before now?' "
Facebook worked for Taylor and Ryan, but AUT University psychology lecturer Dr Pani Farvid says research shows people rarely use Facebook for dating and hooking up because it is not very anonymous and people have to be more honest as to who they are."
Excerpt from Taranaki Daily News: Love-in-the-age-of-the-internet. (2013).