Monday, 18 May 2015

A little insight into my calendar

So normally I post about things going on, this week I've been thinking about my Diary and how filled it has been getting. I don't normally share such details - but here goes.

I work as a volunteer in a local theatre (BATS theatre) as an usher/ ticket taker/ fire warden, it's rewarding and hugely enjoyable. Since the Comedy Festival is on at the moment*, the shifts I do have increased. I'm seeing at least one or two shows each night, and having a blast. It's great fun. The past week I've taken off though just doing one night as I had an assignment due for the university paper I'm taking. This is all good for mental health too - I'm doing even better with groups of people and face to face customer enquiries. I used to panic, but I'm getting there. It's also gotten to the point that people there recognise me and address me by name, which is awesome! I'm so happy.

Talking of assignments - I've been doing the ENGL348 paper at Victoria University, Awkward Books. I'm loving it. I'm going to write a blog post about it at some other stage to talk about it in depth.

On top of University study and BATS theatre stuff, I'm also recording on the Podcast for Skepticism Today we're up to episode 10, it's well worth the catch up.

I'm California Dreamin' in reflection to Dan's job options for the future... My pinterest is now filled with more and more San Francisco related things... I'm just a tad obsessed. haha. Don't worry though I still have love for NZ and other things too.

Throw back image to when I had Cyclamen inside. Sadly these baby plants have died now...
 and the owls are in the kitchen now.

Quote for the week:
"Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right."
– Henry Ford.

* The comedy Festival has literally just finished. It was a great time.