Monday, 29 June 2015

6 things about being a mature student at university.

Six things about being a mature student at university.

Part of university for me is being one of the older students in the classroom. I'm in my late twenties - I shouldn't feel old, yet I do. In the 100 level papers I'm surrounded by a majority of 18 year olds. Kids who are out partying and pulling all-nighters. Last time I pulled an all-nighter to finish an assignment it took me a good two weeks to get my sleep pattern back to normal!
Repeat after me: I'm in my late twenties - I shouldn't feel old, yet sometimes I just do. In my 300 level papers I'm surrounded by more of a mix of people and mixed ages - I like it. I have to go back and sit a 200 level paper that became compulsory, I'm not really wanting to do it, but I have to. Perhaps I'll be one of the older and more mature students there too.

Another thing is the feeling that by the end of the trimester comes around, that I'm through the class topic and ready to move on. Luckily the trimester is about twelve weeks long, perfect for moving into new things sooner.

I hate exams. Young people these days seem to be finding more ways to cheat on exams in NCEA (high school) and it reflects into tertiary exams too. The rules are strict and every exam I sit the rules seem to get tighter and be even stricter. It's hard enough without the stress of being accused of cheating hanging over oneself.  Not all universities in NZ have this issue though, so maybe it's just me.*

When you're in the classroom and an even older student than yourself befriends you. It's kind of nice. But then they mention being on Facebook, and instagram, and using pinterest... and ... You feel like you're the old person who can't understand this new-fangled technology, and what's that they're going on about? It's just awesomeness. Oh cool. Now I'm the old grandma.

When you realise you've been at university longer than your tutor. Who is also younger than you.

When you're invited to a classmates house to study, and you realise they live in the same kind of damp, cold flat you lived in as a really early twenty year old. Oh Aro Valley you haven't changed one bit!
OR the reverse: an older student invites you over and you realise how little you know about being an Adult and Adulting. And that your apartment, while better than the cruddy flats in Aro Valley, is still not technically adult enough compared to their awesome whole house, that they like own** and everything. Oh adulthood where you stop paying rent and start paying a mortgage!

*I'm working on it.
**I really love this rental apartment, don't get me wrong. And I'd prefer to continue renting a while longer too.