Monday, 28 September 2015

My birthday

So on the 22nd of September I turned 27.
I went to the Southern Cross bar on Abel Smith Street with some friends for drinks, nibbles and their awesome Quiz night!
For my birthday I got my nails done the day before, I went with gels for the first time.

Here are some photos of my birthday week:

Opened Google on my birthday to see:  
And a "Happy Birthday Lisa" pops up when I mouse over the banner. Too cool; Thanks Google!

Dan was being tricky telling me he didn't have a present for me... Then started saying "Oh I got you something, it's small and flat." I was freaking out thinking it was a ring. (wink wink). Then he comes out with this awesomely folded paper? What's going on?!

Origami folded paper, with Jewelry shopping written inside.
His reasoning being he didn't want to buy me something I didn't like, so wanted to take me with him. Plus he wanted to look at it before he buys it so he can see how it looks!

Part two of his gift was paying for my nails to be done.
I booked through the Flossie App (so easy!) and then just turned up on the day. No fussing with payment or anything like that. Thanks also to Serenity up at Absolute Therapy for the awesome job she did. I love them! Dan actually paid for this months ago, and then he forgot about it!
I booked it for the day before my birthday so they'd look awesome on my birthday day (and for a while afterwards I hope!) I got a gel manicure so they should last longer than regular polishes do. 

Birthday cake - chocolate with chocolate frosting icing.
After lighting 27 candles, and declaring it a fire hazard! -
 We decided it may be safer to get the number ones next year!

Had dinner with friends at a local pub. - Didn't get photos of our food.

Birthday earrings, from Dan's origami gift.
They're silver with CZ stones.

I am also thankful not to live in, or celebrate my birthday in the Jamaican way:  
It involves flour attacks!

Thinking about birthday parties and themes lead me to a number of articles about birthdays, this one from Apartment Therapy sung praises to me - what does a birthday party mean when you're now 
no longer a child? 

Nails awesomeness credit goes to:
Serenity Fox
Gel Manicure at Absolute Therapy

Level 3, 
5 Tory Street,

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