Monday, 19 October 2015

Hater's gonna hate...

Regan Anne Hillyer's post on Facebook resonated with me when I saw it;
Copied below:

Dear haters,
I see you.
Aren’t you glad?
Because that’s what you wanted after all - you wanted to be noticed.
You’re fueled by unhealthy significance.
Every step I take forward you’re running after me, trying to pull me down.
And some of you are my closest friends.
Or, used to be my closest friends?
And I’ve taken some time thinking about you and why all you want is for me to fail.
I need to let you know something first though.
I’m really sorry.
Yes, I’d like to apologise.
I’d like to apologise that I DIDN’T ACTUALLY CONSIDER YOU in my plans!
I know.
It was very selfish of me.
When I was setting goals in my business, I didn’t actually think about you and how it would effect you.
When I was sculpting my body of my dreams, I didn’t actually consider that it may make you feel a little inferior.
When I attracted that awesome partner, I didn’t actually realise that it would highlight the fact that you’re still sad and lonely.
When I started living an incredible lifestyle, I didn’t realise that it would make you jealous that you don’t have the freedom I have.
When I was up at 3am lying in bed dreaming about the incredible future I am creating, you didn’t actually pop into my head!
I’m VERY sorry for not considering you in my plans!
And can I ask though, why do you consider me so much on a daily basis? Actually, don’t answer.
I’ve already got a fair idea…
I’m growing.
I’m shifting.
I’m moving and I’m shaking.
And guess what?
You don’t like it!
You don’t like it one little bit!
In fact, it makes YOU feel SO uncomfortable to see me doing so well.
It makes you feel smaller.
Your mindset is not one of abundance, where everyone can succeed together.
It’s a mindset of scarcity.
A mindset of, if I do well, it must mean that you can’t do well.
It’s a mindset of lack.
A mindset of there never being enough.
So haters, I’d like to send my love to you.
And I’d like to thank you, for fueling my success.
For pushing me to be more, to do more, to have more, to give more.
Thank you for showing me how to turn negativity into positive ammunition.
What was that did you say?
Oh sorry, I can’t hear you.
Cheers to the haters!
P.S - Don’t forget, you absolutely CAN have it all - regardless of what anyone says!"

AND like Taylor Swift says Hater's gonna Hate, so Shake it Off.

Peace. *mic drop*.