Monday, 2 November 2015

Rosie came to stay Part Two

Last week I wrote about Rosie coming to stay with us for the school holidays and thought it best to keep the Te Papa exhibition stuff separate to the rest of the trip - as it felt so serious talking about the sacrifices made during the War and it just doesn't compare with every day life and humour.

Classes at University:

On Monday's and Friday's I have a RELI class up at VUW. 
Tutorial on Monday mornings and the lecture on Friday mornings. 
I love the class - it's focus is on Religions, Violence and Peacemaking. Very valid and current right now with the latest discussions in the media about violence and peace in the current war states happening in the middle east and Iraq, Iran, Syrian crisis. 

Rosie found the 2 hour lecture difficult to concentrate in. Then again her high school classes only run for around 50 minutes! (Our lectures are usually 50 minutes or up to around 100 to 110 minutes if it's a "2 hour" slot). 

During these times Rosie was lucky enough to be entertained by her tablet or writing a letter to Grandma and Granddad (that reminds me I need to send it!) 

Views over the city from Kelburn...

Bathroom selfies... 

No idea who did this to have to have this sign in the women's restrooms... 
Not cool!

Bubble Tea from Courtenay Central:
Bubble Central - Suite F9  -  (04) 384 9933

Burger Liquor:

(Below) Roti chennai for dinner one evening
- roti and this was my vegetable one.
Rosie, Dan and Thomas all had the chicken one.

Fiji Airways plane that I saw through the fence as we were leaving the airport after Rosie had departed on her flight.

Bye Rosie - waving from the gate...

Lined up waiting to leave the gate, to board to leave...

Looking for her plane when she arrived...

Oh! There it is!

When I found her when she arrived a week prior!

Hope the second week of the holidays was a good one, spent at home with the brother and parentals.
University holidays started last week for me, so I'm now on break
(have to complete one more essay and I'm all done until January when Summer school 
- and lots and lots of theatre madness starts for me!)