Monday, 14 December 2015

Wanderlust, Anxiety and other things on my mind.

Today I have been thinking about my constant feelings of wanderlust it does not seem to matter if I have literally just walked off the plane from a prior trip, I am already dreaming of the next adventure. The next place to go. The next place to explore. Wander. Get lost in. Daniel and I have been fortunate to be able to go travel to some of the most beautiful places around New Zealand and Australia. In my life thus far my parents gave me the wanderlust bug. I can never get enough of going somewhere new and exploring my way around a new town or new city. I am currently living, studying and working in Wellington, New Zealand and it is amazing. Daniel and I have lived here together for the past three years. (I have lived in Wellington for six and a half years now, Daniel has been living here for about seven years.)
During our relationship we have travelled, at least once a year either back home the hour flight back to our families or over to Australia. We have stayed in Melbourne twice with his brother and in a hotel… as well as in the Gold Coast where we have friends who live. Both places are awesome to explore and pretend to be a local in. When I travel I like to live, act and feel, as much as possible, like a local. Visiting local markets, getting fresh food the same way the locals do. Exploring market places. I love markets. You can always find such amazing, one off pieces at markets. Whether they are clothing items, crafted items or food and beverage is another story! Some of my favourite markets include the Queen Victoria Markets of Melbourne, the beachfront markets of the Gold Coast (along Surfer’s Paradise), and the markets throughout Wellington city. The City and Sea Markets down by the waterfront are fun and colourful.

Part of my reasoning for being ‘like a local’ as much as possible is due to the fact that I tend to get annoyed that Tourists have a certain air about them. Of arrogance. Self righteousness. Of wanting things always, done now. I try and be more cool and calm about things. My room is not ready yet? I am happy to sit in the bar and have a drink while I wait. How long will it be? Oh, half an hour. Totally fine. When things go wrong, being nice is the biggest compliment to give. It is so easy to hit the anger switch and break down into tears… Much harder to be the better person who smiles and asks nicely when something will be done. As such I am more likely to find a hotel or accommodation spot which allows me to cook, or bring in any kinds of food I like. I am not big on sitting and eating in a restaurant when I am here in Wellington.

I am a bit socially awkward and find restaurant small talk difficult. I think it comes down to me liking written words more than spoken ones. Good thing I write on a blog each week! I am slightly paranoid in that I do not know who is listening to me, and I do not like the feeling that someone is overhearing me, even when it is an innocent everyday conversation. Strangely I do not have this feeling as much when I am actively teaching a student in the public library, go figure!?

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