Monday, 25 January 2016

Photography Theme the Home Office

 I've decided to start a new Theme for each month where I'll have one or two posts (depending on if the month has four or five Mondays) in which I'll fill one or two posts with photography I've more recently done. I will try and stick to a theme or idea for each one, so they are different posts and I'll also try not to recycle images from older posts! 

Challenge is on!

This month for January I am focussing on the Home Office, bearing in mind we moved here about a month ago and I'm still trying to sort a few things - relocate items and so on.

Here goes:

January 2016, Home Office in our rented Mount Cook, Wellington townhouse.

Above: my desk, organisation for pens and stationery as well as photographs of family.
TYPO pencil case (striped) and TYPO A4 note book.
The Owls are from Farmers.

Above: Bookshelf of my favourite books. This one is from the Warehouse, it's a 4 Cubby style one.
You can buy them here.

Above: Owls - sitting on top of the bookshelf the brown wood style two are from Farmers.
The Owl Vase is from TYPO. (No longer in store).

Above: Blinds and curtains. Driveway view isn't so exciting.

Above: Pinboard Photo board, which I've just used thumbtacks to secure photos to. The pinboard and photo on board above it are hung on the wall with 3M Command hooks.

Above: "Daniel's Dinosaur's" Bunting from Trade Me.
And a sea life themed sarong I bought in Fiji (2007).

Hope you enjoyed the small peek into our Home Office. 

Not featured was Dan's desk, or the rest of the top of mine - currently covered in things for my essay that was due on Thursday (Don't worry I got it in on time, the post is just delayed in going live!)
I also didn't photograph things like my calendars as I do not want to share my exact home location with the world!* 

*Or things like when I'll be out at university classes and so on. I try and write my university class review posts (after) I've completed it, so it's a little more secure. 

Until next week,
xx. Lisa.