Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Social media

Lately I've been watching a lot of Youtube videos, as well as uploading many photos to Instagram. Anything to distract myself from doing my summer school assignments, oh yes!

I haven't been the best so far this year at being on top of everything I'm supposed to be doing. I'm already behind on blog posts, my YouTube channel and filming has stopped. Something had to give! I'm also super thankful that Daniel agreed to having a long engagement, there's no way I could be doing all of this and planning a wedding as well! (Ask me nearer to the end of 2016 how the wedding planning is going.... *giggle* It's on Pinterest so far and that's it!)

I think I'll also have a bit more of a break from BATs theatre and ushering too - I've just emailed and let them know, as I think my workload this summer has already gone crazy and I need to ensure everything I'm doing is to the best standard it can be, and that I can be on top of my game for school too!

I signed up for a Religion paper a number of months back as I have 5 papers left for my degree and I figured I would do this 300 level paper and I'd be 20 points (1 paper) closer to graduating. I call it a paper, but really it's a 20 point course. Each course (except for summer school) runs for 12 weeks and then most have an exam at the end. Summer school runs for 6 weeks and some have exams, but most just have an exam in class at the end.

Luckily for me mine has an in-class text thing at the end and not a full on exam, as I'll be finishing this paper and going into Summer Shakespeare mode! I'm the Front of House Manager and loving every moment of it thus far.

Later today I have another meeting with the Production Team (this crew is filled with super amazing and talented people and sometimes I feel like I'm way out of my depth, but they're all really lovely and amazing and helping me out so much.) I'm just super thankful to have such a talented and awesome bunch around me. I went into everything filled with energy and raring to go, and lately with the low iron and health problems I've been less than ideal, and really not on my game!

I'm sure I'll be fine and everything when it comes to show time!

In the meantime, lots and lots of study, lectures and tutorials with my favourite tutor Bruno S. (Oh gosh, I hope he doesn't come across my blog!) haha.

Anyway, back to it. Have something like 100 pages to read for Religion before today's 2:10pm lecture.

xx. Until next time,  Lisa.