Monday 29 February 2016

Life Update - I'm engaged? and a bunch of new things...

So over the past few months I've been donning a new hat - that of the Front of House Manager for Summer Shakespeare Trust's 2016 production of Love's Labours Lost.
This is the first time I've been the FOH Manager for a production, and I have to say I have really enjoyed doing so. A huge shout out and thanks for the memories and new friendships to all the Cast and Crew. I adore and appreciate each and every one of you. I'm looking forward to what this year brings for theatre in general for me and what I can get under way in terms of career, professional and personal development for myself. I'm also in my final year of university... Lots of changes are coming!

In December Daniel got the best Christmas gift* and surprise of his life when I asked him to marry me.  Today it's February 29th, perfect for "ladies to ask their man for their hand in marriage"... apparently. I wrote a more detailed post about this here. I'm still buzzing that we're engaged.
In a couple of weeks it will feel even more real when I have the ring on my finger too. It was ordered and it's being made now. I really love it. I'll write a post about the ring and why it was chosen and others we tried and why we went to the jewellers we did.

On the note of being engaged, I'm also in the process of finding a venue, and setting up everything for the Engagement Party. So far I think it will just be family, but with some friends - have to organise travel for some of us from Wellington back up to New Plymouth too.
Not much point having a big do down here in Wellington when our families are based in New Plymouth! Tentatively planning a smaller thing for our friends here at some stage this year.

Wedding plans aren't for a few years yet though - as we need to save up, and I need a full time job before we can really afford to do everything we want to do.
I started pinning ideas onto my Pinterest board, but over time things have changed, so it's not too accurate of what will actually happen.

Wedding bells in 2018? Most likely. All comes down to finances.

Uni starts back today, so I'm busy having classes Monday to Friday and I'm doing both 200 and 300 level English Literature papers this trimester. Going back as Limited Full Time too, so I've jumped from one to two papers each trimester.
Final 4 papers (courses) here I come!

Until next time,

*Well I think so anyway! That image and post is from our friends coming over for dinner and celebrating. Not of the engagement. (Sorry to disappoint!)

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