Monday 4 April 2016

Do little and often

The quote on the whiteboard above my desk in the office says "Do little and often" - it's my personal saying for this year to help keep me on track. I'm not even sure where it came from as a quote, because I can't find it online. I like it as a saying anyway.

I'm in my final year of university and it feels like life is going by super fast.
Possibly due to the excitement of being engaged, and our upcoming parties and plans for this year travelling back and forth between our home town of New Plymouth and our home here in Wellington.

I find that sometimes little quotes and sayings help me to keep on track and keep myself grounded.

Now of course I have to save up to buy the film because it doesn't come with any. But yeah. Super excited. I can't wait to use it for like my Bachelorette Party and maybe the Engagement Party too. 

This past week was one of excitement - every time a courier came it was another box for me. Another and another. So many boxes. Not too many to count though!
Two on Tuesday.
Four on Wednesday - well three boxes and a courier package:

The courier package contained this amazing long cardigan from The Warehouse. 
I've been wearing these loose long cardigans for a while now, they're really nice and layered.
This one is a red with black flecks colouring. So like a burgundy red.

The small box was from The Body Shop - I ordered a Blueberry body wash 250ml, then there was an Easter special online and I found their Easter Egg so it was a free hand cream: coconut flavoured. Plus they threw in a free sample of the Japanese Cherry Blossom perfume spray. 

I really like that this is in an actual mini spray bottle. 
No more messing around with the annoying dropper their old samples used to have!

Then one of the boxes had the two black fake fur pillows -also from The Warehouse.
The Body Shop things on top of them.
The canvas wall art is also from The Warehouse.

Tuesday's Haul: Two striped throw blankets for the couches in the lounge.
The coasters and the place-mats (all from Farmers)
The aqua/turquoise throw from The Warehouse.

Also from Tuesday's haul: a grey they call it "taupe" on the website fake fur pillow 
also from The Warehouse.

On Monday we went to Neil and Erin's house for lunch, then wandered into town. I'd seen the advert for the Fujufilm Instax Mini 8 camera at Dick Smith for $77.40 so we wandered down to Dick Smith after lunch and I grabbed the deal with a baby blue one. 
They had a few other colours in store too - pastel yellow, pastel blue, white or black. 
I just really wanted the pastel blue one.
Sadly the sale on them ended on 30/03/2016 so it won't be available when this post goes live. 

Now of course I have to save up to buy the film because it doesn't come with any. But yeah. Super excited. I can't wait to use it for like my Bachelorette Party and maybe the Engagement Party too. 

I feel like I've been super productive this week - all the parcels arrived and the flat things were all put away today.  Yesterday I also washed all the new lounge throws so they're all nice and clean. Today I also hung some art in our bedroom and ensuite! In between times I've also been watching lots of vloggers on YouTube - notably Aspyn + Parker, Casey Neistat, and Erik Conover.

And we have two photo shoots this week - we started the week with one on Sunday (March 27th) from Duo Photography and I'm going to do a blog post behind the scenes and talk about what we did, and then this Sunday (April 3rd) we had another one with David from Von Photography.
The second shoot is just us as a couple though. Totally different styles for each of them and I'm really excited to get our pictures back when they are all done.

Considering we have been in our house now for about three months, it feels like it has been longer ... I was thinking that I feel like I have known Loren (our flatmate) for a lot longer than a couple of months.

All of us as flatmates get along really well, and I'm loving it!

Until next week,
xo Lisa.

I've just realised that I haven't posted a quote in quite a while either - 
Quote of the week:

"It's the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen." 
John Wooden

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