Saturday, 8 January 2011


So, another week gone. Somehow 2011 is going by as fast as 2010 did!
Scary to think that this time next year I will be nearly finished my undergraduate degree! Madness. Loving uni. About to re-start classes, next class is on Tuesday. Very exciting.

Waiting on a friend to return my notes book to me from last year- hope she has it. Or I am in big trouble! Waiting on results on my last two essays, and hope to have more good news.

Missing someone special to me right now, wish he was around, but these things happen.

Lost a friend from school in a car accident;
He was 21, a good guy, so full of smiles and life. Great guy, taken too soon.
RIP Nathan Dodkin.

Was meant to go to Dancing and Fencing today, but totally skipped. Feel a little bad, but it was cold. Did get some stuff done for the Flat for this year. Feeling accomplished.
Got some more amazing photo's when I was home.

Got kidnapped when I arrived back in Wellington. Was well worth it. My friends came and picked me up from my bus, took me home to my flat for a change of clothes to grab some more gear, then out to their house for some drinking games, movie watching and fun times. Definately made some amazing and new memories.

A little sad to think it was Mike's 22 birthday the other day, another birthday he's missed. He would've been partying it up in Heaven anyway. As he does.

Dyed my hair so it's a red now, thanks to some friends who came over to help, and scare me with the "clown face' at the bathroom door. hehe.

Thanks neighbours who live downstairs, I can't go to bed tonight, their lounge is directly under my bedroom, so ... they play loud music/ party and I am left not sleeping. :(
Yay. (Sarcasim). Unfortunately for me, I have to work tomorrow... Ick! Luckily I lose a couple of hours, due to starting later. :) So maybe extra sleep time?

Wishful thinking I'm sure.
Besides got to love how cold NZ is now, night time tonight is soooo cold. OH well. It happens.

Okay, better go. Bye!

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