Thursday, 30 August 2012

Gay Marriage Thoughts & updates

Crazy to think I last wrote on here over a year ago!
So much has happened since then, I've been diagnosed with a strange kind of asthma caused by working in the bakery. I have a flour allergy, when I breathed it in while working it coated my lungs and made me have daily asthma attacks. They've stopped now and I'm now a teacher! I teach English and help school kids with their homework at a Korean language school.

Recently I have been getting behind more political kinds of things going on within my social group.
The 'Gay Marriage' debate is heating up the Parliament here. The first reading and vote happened last night, a grand total of 80 for and 40 against.
The people who voted against were mostly those who entered in the 90's, they're all 40s+ and have very different views to the general populace!

My boyfriend and I were interviewed for the local news website by Fairfax Media. They're the group of people who submit work to (the national news website).
We were interviewed last week, still waiting to see the video and article. They haven't been published yet.

I have met some amazing people during the process, including Andrew. A local guy who also went to VUW.
I have heard some amazing stories from people of all different ages, races, ethnicities and they're all carrying the same message. Gay life in NZ is getting easier, but there are still bigoted individuals who bully and harass these awesome people. This angers and saddens me.

I heard someone recently say that the 'gay marriage' debate is very similar in nature to the 1960's debates in regards to 'blacks vs whites' and racial segregation... Although now it is based on gender and gender equality not race.

What's next? I would hope that the gender debates will cool down, we're mostly accepting of people who don't sleep with who we traditionally thought they should. Gay men who had been married and had children, are now widowed (or divorced) and wanting to marry their gentleman. ;) I don't have a problem with this.
                                                             I do have a problem with those people who think gays are insane, or need religious intervention, or need to be forced to be straight. Obviously (to me) gay people are like me.  They choose who they love in the same way I do. There is no difference. Except they're choosing to sleep with their same gender while I choose not to. There is Nothing wrong with that!
--Anyone who does has a problem with it, is a homophobic!

These are just a few of the thoughts I've been having. Many people probably will be surprised to hear my view, but it's my view. My opinion is no less right or wrong than anyone else. But I have a Voice which will not be silenced!

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