Thursday, 30 August 2012

Child Freedom

Child Free, "CF".
I guess not many people that know me realise that I am CF. I don't have an urge to pop out children. I don't want to have my own child. I guess that maternal part of me didn't get passed on or something. That said, it's not like I fear children, child birth or pregnancy. I just cannot imagine myself doing it. If I dream of being pregnant or having a child it's usually a fear induced dream rather than a positive one. Luckily they don't happen often. I've also mentioned being CF to people like my mum who thinks I'll change my mind. I've been thinking in the CF way since I was maybe 16, so I am 99% sure my mind is made up.

The School & Gay Marriage:
I work with Korean school children at a language academy at the moment. I help (along with other tutors who're either Kiwi or Korean) the kids English (language skills) and help with their homework. It's not hard work, but the kids keep me on my toes. I have to be very onto it about language usage and have to think quickly on my feet for many issues they ask about.

Recently I was talking to the kids in my groups about 'gay marriage'. We talked about gay/lesbian people (trans-gender isn't something they're familiar with, so I stuck to gay and lesbian). In Korea it isn't acceptable to be gay/lesbian so they all think gay marriage shouldn't be allowed. I am of the opposite opinion and think it is silly to base marriage on who they're in love with.
It raised some interesting questions (from them and me) in regards to who makes a 'family'. As I was just saying, I'm CF and don't plan on having children. So when they said things like a girl/boy can't have a baby by them self. (And they mentioned that a man couldn't get pregnant anyway). It raised questions in me, so I asked them about adoption (like from an orphanage- it is a common example of who would be adopted in Korea). They said that sure people can adopt like from the orphanage but that having two mums or two dads would be weird. They said they would tease someone if they knew they had two of the same parent!

Koreans have very different views about marriage and gender than we do in NZ.
I am thankful I was brought up in a family who is accepting of pretty much everything. Of course some things are not accepted anywhere - murder, rape, beatings and bashings....

Religion comes into the gay marriage debate too. My Korean students are religious, while I am not. That said, I cannot find anywhere within the Christian Bible which condemns Gay Marriage as an idea.
                           Marriage is a recent Social construct not a Biblical one.
Marriage should be based on love and commitment; Not whether you're a homophobic or not.

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