Friday, 31 August 2012

Dining alone...

Just reading this article, when 1 in 10 adults live alone, how is it that food/eating is said to be a social event.
I'm not sure I completely understand the author of this article I mean I try to do things alone a lot. It's part of the life experience. Dining alone isn't hard, but then I see older men do it a lot more than young women. I also don't tend to go eat alone in the more expensive restaurants. It's also a lot different easting alone in your own town compared to doing it while you're overseas. I don't think I'd be so carefree about dining alone if I was in a foreign place. There is safety concerns regardless of where you are though. I mean the thugs are everywhere.

Dining alone brings a whole new experience to the act. You have sole choice over the food and drink you order. The waiters and chefs are doing your bidding. You don't end up eating anything at the persuasion of your companions (we all know it can happen when we're with others). It's not always bad, don't get me wrong. The whole act of being alone, dining alone, drinking alone is very 'confidence boosting'. I found when I dined alone that I have men try and persuade me to eat with them. I often refuse and tell them (politely of course) that I'd prefer to be alone.

I've only eaten a few times alone. Not always by my own choice. I find it more comforting to order and then eat somewhere outside the restaurant (not seated in/out of it), but more like a park or the beach. Seeing someone eating alone at the park or the beach seems more socially accepted. More people enjoy the sunshine and being outdoors. They all have such different lives when they're not seen eating alone outdoors - maybe they're business people, teachers, students...we don't know.

Drinking alone is never heard of being a good thing. Ever. Whenever I've mentioned I'm having a quiet tipple people become very judgemental about my health, well being and become especially concerned about my mental health. None of this is really bad, it shows people care. But it can be annoying when you're just trying to have a nice glass of wine. Alone. Because you're not in the mood for company.
And trust me it doesn't happen -that- often!

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