Monday, 3 September 2012

Just thoughts

Well today was a bit of a mess. The flat downstairs had the carpets cleaned - bloody loud! haha. Woke me up and I wanted to sleep all morning. Oh well.
Had the usual cleaning job, was late but no matter.
Went to the hostel for teaching, turned up an hour early. Sat and read the paper and prep'd for classes.
Organised all my classes of what I would be teaching and everything...Go look on the board and hello, my classes have been switched. First group as normal, then dinner. (Yum). Followed by, wait a minute, no boss' son? Okay then, second group it is. Then the boss tells me, oh by the way, my son's not here tonight... You an go home early. Woop woop! One hour early. :D Sure beats waiting for the other teachers and wasting another hour.

Sadly, pay day is next week, and study-link has messed up my loan payments. So no money to pay rent.
Have to take out another personal loan from the BF which makes me feel bad. What can I do? I had no warning of them cutting the payments, and now it's a waiting game to see how long it takes for them to restart them. Great.

Hopefully when I re-check it tomorrow I don't have to re-call them again (called three times last week) and that they're getting it sorted. They know it pays my rent, but still.

The kids I teach at the hostel are lovely. Their English is improving more and more with every lesson. My job is pretty sweet; Homework supervision and 'news' / story time (talking about current events, reading the newspaper and stuff like that). I quite enjoy it. The homework supervision part is a bit harder for me. I have to be super onto it and bossy....The kids like to speak Korean and they're not allowed to speak Korean around me, but they do it anyway! Kids will be kids eh?
Another of my students left, she's gone back to Korea already. Hers wasn't a long stay in NZ. Her English was very good and I enjoyed teaching her, but sometimes the parents vote wins and I can't keep my favourites around forever. (hehe).

I actually enjoy teaching 99% of the kids. There's a few trouble-makers but the rest are lovely. They're all Korean and  aged between 10 and 15 years of age.

Anyway, more later. I am tired. (Even though I got home early).

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