Wednesday, 23 January 2013

23rd of January 2013.

Today was all about catching up on errands.
I went to the bank and luckily (for me) going at 2:30 pm meant there were few people so the lines were short and I could get going a lot faster.
I then grabbed a gelato from one of my favourite cafes, Kaffee Eis. They have 4 stores here in Wellington. One on Courtenay Place, one down on Oriental Parade by the beach and one under the park near the harbour (Frank Kitts Lagoon) and another in Cable Car Lane. All their stores rock.

Their website is here:

 I love gelato, they make it on site and you can buy it by the scoop... 1 flavour is $4.50... and you can even buy a litre tub fill! (I can't remember their other prices).

This one is the cafe latte flavour (that is if I remember the name, it's definitely the coffee one).

Oh and they're currently looking for a Full Time barista for their Courtenay Place store. 
As well as a Part Time Sandwich Hand, so if you know of anyone looking tell them to give Hugh a call on 021 1555 766. They can also bring their CV into any of the stores and apply that way. 

When I returned from my errands, it was close to ten past four and I was getting  hungry and tired. Anyway, I get back and the fire alarm starts going off. So I grab my stuff and run down stairs. (Thinking I needed to evacuate). I then text the Building Manager, as I didn't hear the usual Voice-Over saying to Evacuate... Just the sirens... The B.M. text back saying, "Oh, sorry, the alarms company is currently doing noise testing". Great, so I just ran down 4 flights of stairs for nothing! 

Oh, well! Great practise in case it's real. :) 

Got the washing on and enjoying the breezy weather. 

Have to plan dinner soon, maybe not the same as this, which is what we devoured last night:

The Famous Lamb Salad:
Boiled eggs, lettuce, grated cheese, pan fried lamb pieces, 
Mine had added tomato and cucumber... Dan's had grated carrot. 

 The dinner being made:

Small kitchen in use:

Today during my walk I came across this amazing building at Tory Street.

 It's an old building facade which has been left standing for the building work going on around it. I can't remember what the building project is going to be in the end. Wouldn't be a surprise if it becomes another apartment complex. Sadly they are popping up everywhere here and yet they're so expensive to buy. There was an article on the local news recently about housing prices and how few people can afford to buy them now. Sadly I think owning my own house is out of the question in the long term - unless I can drastically save a lot of money - and even then I doubt that I'd be able to get a mortgage from the bank easily. I'm not being negative about it, just facing the harsh true reality that money is my friend but at present I do not know how to look after it very well. It's a lesson I'm learning but it all takes time.

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