Wednesday, 23 January 2013

A bonus of apartment living...

So a definite bonus of apartment living, is the noise factors.
They're not all bad.
Hold on a second, let me continue. It's not always bad. Sure the vibrating of the washing machine on spin cycle of the apartment upstairs is enough to annoy some. Especially when it vibrates so much that the floor shakes the entire apartment below it.

But when the young 20-something male neighbours in the next building want to have a good ol' conversation out on their balcony - well let's just say, yeah, you can hear every word. ;)

Sadly they're both dirrty, dirrty smokers. Hehe.
Dan's lucky that smoking is a major turn off for me!

Anyway, yeah so there's these two guys who live next door. Every day in the afternoon, they come out for their regular puff on their cancer-sticks and talk. Kind of loudly. Well, maybe it isn't so loud. Just noise travels quickly here especially since we live mere metres apart. They're a good 15 if not 20 metres away, but  still, voices carry.

Hopefully if I sit at the office area and update my blog enough with it being just quiet enough and the wind is being nice to me and blowing in just the right way... I'll be able to hear all their juicy gossip. Hehe.

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