Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Three posts in one day! Wow!

Marriage Equality.

Okay, so first I better get everyone up to speed: in NZ it's currently legal to marry a man and a woman. Gay, lesbian and trans-gender people are currently not legally allowed to marry. In the NZ Government system right now (since June last year in fact) has been a debate going on regarding this thing nicknamed "Gay Marriage", it's a bill that once passed will enable many NZ couples to legally marry. Gender becomes fluid and anyone can marry provided they're not first cousins (along with a bunch of other rules).

Ever since this broke in June last year - I jumped on the bandwagon of support.
I attended a rally to Parliament to protest -peacefully- and show my support.
I'm not personally in a queer relationship, I'm straight. But I do have queer and trans-gender friends who I am supportive of.
Some of the current laws in NZ are archaic. I don't agree with all of them. But then, I am no law-queen. I cannot make judgements without researching thoroughly!

This video was filmed at my university. It comes from a larger website of support which can be found here:

There's also a website which is against the entire thing. Personally, I don't think religion should come into this debate. Sure churches are where a lot of weddings take place but the Catholic church (and other religions) didn't actually recognise a wedding (like we do today) until much, much later than most think. (Something like the 11th century BC?)

More can be found here: (I know Wiki isn't a great source, but it's an awesome place to start). <-- amazing="" amn="" and="" by="" featuring="" great="" i="" it="" lambert.="" lewis="" love="" macklemore="" mary="" nbsp="" p="" re="" right="" ryan="" s="" same="" song="" support="" you="">
Are you with me in supporting this? Or against me? (Haha), comment below. Love some feedback on the topic.