Thursday, 24 January 2013

More of a health thing

Sorry for the sudden detour away from the usual kind of topics, but last night Dan found a flea. The only place I can possibly think anyone could have picked it up is from the cat that lives at his old flat. I don't have a pet and the only cat I've been around is my sister's one named Ginger, but he lives 4.5 hours away! (So I highly doubt it's from him) .

Whenever I got a flea bite in the past it was usually from a cat or dog, and I always come out in hives. Last night after finding the flea - which Dan didn't kill (urgh), I saw that I had 5 itchy spots all on my upper legs, 5 turned into 7 (two are on my lower back area).

Here's a few images of my legs today. 

Another new thing: decided I don't like my fringe and after trying to give it a trim (and failing miserably)...
 I've decided to grow it out. So here I am, rocking a bandanna head band. 

Can still hear the neighbours moving in next door. It's going to be so weird trying to be quieter now that there's actually people living there. - It was awesome not having to worry so much about noise after 10:30pm since we only had people above and below us to worry about annoying. :) 


  1. Ouch! Your new place may have bed bugs.. Love the bandana, though! I'm growing out my fringe, too ;)

  2. Hi, and thanks for reading. We're 100% sure it's fleas, we found one and it definitely jumped, so not bedbugs. :)