Friday, 25 January 2013

Game Masters: The Exhibition and the bad hair cut.

Okay, so after cleaning "all of the things" today and finding that we now have neighbours (oh joy), I decided to give my fringe a bit of a trim. The only problem was, I did it too crooked, which ended up with it being far too short.
My flatmate and her partner both said it looked cool and like I'd done it on purpose. Poor Dan couldn't do anything but laugh at me.

Oh well, nothing a 2-6 week wait won't fix. ;)

Game Masters: the Exhibition:

Game Masters The Exhibition is on at Te Papa at the moment.
(15th December 2012 to the 28th of April 2013 to be exact).  It's on level 4 in the Visa Platinum Gallery.
And it's pretty awesome if I say so myself; Dan and I went along with some of Dan's work mates.
The Exhibition is open daily 10am to 6pm.
There is an admission charge to enter, though I would say the admission is well worth it.
(Once you're in, there are no pass outs, but there are toilets available inside the exhibition).
No photography or filming is allowed within the exhibition.
When you enter, you're given a wrist band, it has a special chip in it, so you can use it to scan at certain places throughout the exhibition. (This was you can be later emailed about the things you scanned, so you can find more out about that product or group -- which is pretty awesome!)

There's a gift shop at the end.
When you've gone through it all you're also allowed to enter a draw to win stuff:
 I think it's the HP Envy x2 Hybrid Tablet. 

The Admission:
Adult: $16
Child: (5-15 years) $9
Child (under 5) FREE
Concession (Student): $14
Plus there are family passes for $45
And group passes are also available.

There's 100+ playable games and heaps more on show. You travel through a period of 40 years, that is 40 years of  gaming. From Dance Central 2 and Space Invaders to Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja, basically there's something for everyone!
You play on all sorts of consoles too, Playstation 1, 2 and 3... On the WII, on XBox (including the connect version) as well as PC games.

There was a pretty awesome game on the iPad which was Music based. I liked it, you listen to the music through headphones and tap the squares as they turn white (in time with the music), it was pretty cool.

There were even indie games designed and created here in NZ as well, such as Shatter a great ball game from Sidhe Studios; The guys of which I met in Auckland last year at a Gaming Conference.
Plus I have a copy of Shatter which I happened to win at the Auckland conference. ;)

Dan and I also played Fruit Ninja on the Xbox Connect, which was a bit hard to start with as we weren't used to playing it off a touch-screen!
But overall pretty fun. It didn't help that it was set up for a child height person to play (fine for me, considering I'm 5'3" but it made it really hard for the boys.)

There is also a free download of an action-packed game app for 1-2 players. You can play the "giant" version of it at Te Papa in the exhibition, but it's available here:
You can also collect the game codes in the exhibition (there's free wifi too) to unlock a special bonus level.
(Sadly I didn't do this, shucks.)

Anyway, I'd better go.
I have work tomorrow for Orientation Day with the new Korean kids. :)

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