Monday, 28 January 2013

Today was a hot summery Sunday, and I decided I needed to go for a long walk. I've been feeling a bit lazy lately, like I haven't been doing as much exercise as I should be. So I "phoned a friend" through facebook and arranged to go for a walk.

Within 12 hours prior to leaving, we received a message on facebook asking if we would go to the beach or meet up at the gardens later for a picnic. We were like, hmmmm, will decide tomorrow.

So I met my friend and we left my apartment, we then walked along the roads through the city, up to Central Park in Brooklyn. Before we got to the park though we walked past another friends house: So I took this image of his front path, of course picture-messaged it to him and said "Hey". He replied "stalker, come visit" to which our reply was "maybe later". (We ended up not seeing him, but hey lovely friend you're mentioned on the blog!)

Central Park is pretty big and has an amazing playground - complete with adult sized flying foxes!

Here are some images from along the walk. So started at Central Park, ended up walking through Central Park for maybe 20 minutes or so, then we decided to continue along the Town Belt edges and see how far we could go. After all, we were going on an Adventure!

(Above image) The City in the distance view is from the top end of the Renouf tennis courts by Central Park.
(Below image) More of the city.

 Between the above image and the next one, we walked for quite a while following what we thought to be a path, instead we found ourselves wandering along a bike track! Filled with jumps and crazy banked up corners, somehow we managed to climb it. (It was really steep and slippery in some places). Neither of us hurt ourselves though and there was only one point one of us slipped slightly. It was pretty fun though!

(Below:) This was actually looking directly at the Wellington Hospital, located in Newtown, sadly the light was just far too intense for my phone camera to focus on the buildings.

Another view of the city, towards Newtown and suburbs.
This was taken after we'd gotten out of the bush area. The blocky looking white building off to the right of the tree is the hospital.

More views of the city...

As we were walking back (along an actual paved path) we were talking about how Valentines Day is coming up. My friend mentioned that he doesn't have anyone to give a Valentines to this year - I suggested just giving things to the people he likes - even if they're only friends.
 I also suggested a bunch of flowers for myself. Hehe!
We then saw a couple of love hearts graffitied onto the ground;

(Above) Mount Cook playground where our walk ended, 
after that we walked back along the streets back to my place. 

Our trek took quite a while, by the time we had walked back to my apartment we had been gone close to 2 and a half hours. We then met Dan and took him to the supermarket, then up to the Gardens... Where we met more friends and listened to Gospel Music. It was actually a new experience for me and was pretty awesome.

I'll leave you with some pictures of the Gospel Music stage and lights... while I enjoy a much deserved Hot Choc (with Marshmallows of course!)

 Picnic Foods and Drinks...

Early on in the evening, still quite light out. 

 I made Bubble Log (Cake) and the remnants of the picnic. 

 Getting darker, the lights starting to go on...

Looking at the lights in the trees.

A lone tree, but later it was looking amazing! 

A lantern in the park, it's on a tall pole.

Blue lighting under the seats.... 

Then we noticed.... 


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