Friday, 1 February 2013

Green Chicken Curry and sunburn

Yesterday I decided I'd make Green Curry for dinner, of course it's just the yummiest when it's a delicious meaty one. So I went with chicken. (Best meaty thing in the freezer).

Here's the curry as it's cooking,

I walked to the post shop today to collect my parcel, didn't realise they only open in the mornings at that one. So I arrived at 1:30pm and they'd closed at noon. Grr, I'm going to have to try again tomorrow. 

Sounds like I will be working two nights each week with the ESOL kids. (Yay). So I'll be working more and studying more. I'm down to one paper now, so hopefully I can pass this term with flying colours.

Earlier in the week I got pretty badly sunburned at lunchtime. I went to meet Dan on Tuesday and got sunburned all along the top of my back and neck. Ouch. Luckily I've had heaps of aloe-vera gel around so it hasn't blistered. 
Because of the heat, I've been wearing extra clothes over it whenever I need to go out into the sun, which makes it hot and itchy. (Oh the things we do to stop getting more injured!)

This weekend is the Hertz Wellington Sevens. 
A crazy, booze-fuelled weekend complete with rugby watching fans who're all dressed in insane costumes.
I'm trying to avoid it, so instead we're having people come over for a dinner tomorrow night. 
Flatmate's girlfriend is going to be cooking for 8 people. (Not quite the 9 we've had to cook a nights dinner for so far!) 

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