Saturday, 9 February 2013

Huge update needed.

Looks like I haven't been on here in 9 days! Today it's Friday night, so I'd better catch you up...
I have been very busy offline as well as online- reading blogs and looking at Pinterest.

I found an awesome blog from a guy named Daniel who lives in the USA, he blogs about his apartment and life.  His blog is here;
He's a pretty awesome guy - he does his own DIY and is sprucing the place up, one post at a time.
He has inspired me to learn some more electrical work stuff so I can rewire things -- not major things, things like a lamp for a desk. ;)

Last weekend I stood on a piece of plastic which went through my jandal into my left heel. (Ouch). No image. It was pretty sore. I've hurt both feet from limping for 3 days. :(

Yesterday I went for a 10km long walk, all through town, up to the university... It made me super tired.

Today (finally) the Borax was picked up from the courier (by me), so I can 1. kill fleas with it by putting it on the carpet and 2. use it to make laundry powder. :)

We also had 9kg of fruit delivered to us for a deal I found online. There's a local site in NZ called Treat Me, it's run through Trade Me (local auction site). They featured a deal for 9kg of fruits for $25. (Deal, plus it's delivered). So today after it was delivered, I made an apple & peach pie. Pie crust was brought, but the fruit I sliced, diced and peeled myself. It looks pretty darn delicious if I say so myself. It's currently in the fridge just chillin' waiting for the right moment to be devoured.

 The fruit, apples, pears, plums, peaches and oranges... 

Stewed apples and peaches with a little added sugar.

                                                                 Apple & Peach pie.

Pie again...

Apple & peaches ready to be stewed.

Apples & peaches ready to be stewed...

Dinner, hot chips... and all that fruit. 

Tonight my flatmate came home after work with a mutual friend and asked Dan and I if we'd like to join them for 2-for-1 cocktails down at Good Luck Bar.... How could we refuse?
Sadly when we arrived we found we were about 20 minutes too late for the deal. Regardless we decided to each grab a drink anyway. While we were drinking and talking we hatched a plan to make our own cocktails...
So of course, we're going to be arranging a Cocktails and Eating delicious home baking Night for one night soon. So with that in mind, I decided to make use of the fresh fruit we had arrive this afternoon and make up a recipe for Pear Muffins.
(Truth be told, I followed a muffin recipe, it just didn't have any pears in sight!)

Sadly I don't have any images of the before or during process. The muffins are currently sitting on the bench 'chilling' under a clean tea-towel overnight. There's 20 of them now. We had to taste-test two of them. ;) (Hey there is 4 of us here at the moment).
**Note to self: Next time add more flavour to the mixture like coconut or vanilla essence.

All in all a pretty successful day albeit a long one!

Tomorrow better be much more relaxing, although I expect a courier to come and wake me up for another parcel.

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