Thursday, 28 February 2013

Gardening on a Balcony in the middle of the city...

So my flatmates and I decided we should make a container garden on our balcony to grow our own foods and be a little green in the process.

I brought 4 pots from the local Asian shop it's called Japan City. It's down on Cuba Street. Pretty neat shop with plenty of plastic containers, Asian foods, washing liquids, cloths, knick-knacks and other bits and bobs.

The containers were $4.50 each.

I brought/ saved seeds for a while. I had carrot seeds, lettuce seeds, radish seeds, tomato seeds, silver-beet and rainbow-beet seeds. As well as two packets of marigold seeds. I recently brought a limp looking aloe vera plant. These all got planted into seed raising mix in the pots.

Some of the seeds I am afraid may have gotten rotten as I was too excited when I planted the seeds and over watered some parts.

Luckily they seem to be starting to grow. (Excitement!)

Here are some pictures of how it's coming along.

There's a glass side to the balcony above the plants, don't worry it's not nothing there! 


 Aloe Vera plant with some Marigold flowers...
(baby lettuce)

Over all I think they're growing nicely. I'll have to separate some of them out a bit in a while as they're closely packed together. May have to buy another pot. But on the whole I'm happy with how it looks. 

I also made a 'watering device' as I didn't want to have to buy one and it's also recycling (go me, being a little green)... it's an old pasta sauce jar which has had cool water added and then the lid has been punched with a nail so the water can drip out of it. Nifty! 

In 2 weeks we are having our flat warming (we moved in, in the middle of January) so it's not too long since we moved here. It's given us time to settle in and work out what we need. And giving us time to get rid of excess clutter!  Not sure how I will get rid of the "TradeMe" pile before the party though. - Have a steady flow of listings on my account so hopefully more items will sell and they will go that way. 

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