Monday, 1 April 2013

April Fools

First of all it's the 1st of April here today. I have only come across one cool thing I wanted to share in regards to April Fools and it is thus:

It really works!
Try it out.

It's perfect for when you want to buy perfume online or want to know exactly what something smells like. Because you know, google nose everything!

Also, an update on the container garden on the balcony...
It has grown! We now have 11 containers up from the original 4.
I planted some of the tomatoes into 6 larger pots.
And I got some succulents for a "fun" garden project. Because apparently growing vegetables (and aloe vera) is so sensible! They are growing in a plastic fish-bowl. I punched some holes in the bottom of it for drainage (using a nail and a hammer) and then used a piece of material across the holes to stop dirt escaping.
(No picture of the succulents, sorry!)

Here's some updated pictures of the vegetables and aloe vera:

Green onions! -Grown from the root offcuts of some we bought at the supermarket, they grow surprisingly fast in just a little water in a container. I then left them 48 hours on the bench in some water before planting them straight into potting mix. 

Radish leaves...

Carrot leaves,... apparently you can chop it up and use it like a herb in cooking? Haven't tried yet. 

Aloe plant. 

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