Friday, 26 April 2013

Thoughts, recent changes and things to come.

The past week has been largely unmotivating. I have an assignment to work on for class and I just have no motivation to do so. Instead of course, procrastination has set in. It has also been the mid term break which should mean a week off to be motivated to do my assignment and ... No, of course not.

Instead procrastination has motivated me to do things like spend an entire day cleaning the apartment. (A task which should take no longer than an hour!) But on a good note it means that when the next inspection happens it won't take so long for us to do a spot clean.

Yesterday and today, I spent hours clearing and cleaning our bedroom.
It's been haphazard and feeling like everything wasn't quite in the right spot yet.
Yesterday I got annoyed that my dresser drawers were damaged and after a frugal attempt to fix them involving a staple-gun and a lot of crying... I was persuaded to buy a clothing rack and sweater holder from a local store and have a similar set up to my boyfriend's clothing storage. Although mine has one rail; His rack however has two.

Today I further opened up the space by moving the boyfriend's storage boxes into the wardrobe and moving mine (which contain our bed linens) next to the bed. Hopefully this arrangement will help him (and help me) keep the bedding away and stop us both from creating the "pile of stuff" that was happening before.

Hopefully I can find some "before" images:

I have just taken the "after" images:
-- Same view, just clothes instead of dressing table. :)

The dressing table was moved to where the dresser drawers and pile of plastic storage boxes were.
Excuse my gym bag under there!

The smaller pile of storage boxes next to the bed also double as a kind of bedside table. 
I have my phone charger and glasses on there for easier access. 

Over all the space feels more open and less suffocating. 
I'm just hoping that the bf thinks so when he arrives home later tonight. 

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