Saturday, 17 August 2013

Day 12 Style Cure

Day 12 of the style cure is already upon us!

We started the weekend with some big  pretty large earthquakes: still shaking. Have had more than 5 quakes larger than a magnitude 6!

There are quite a number of news sites with info about the quakes.

Anyway onto today's style cure:

Day 12: Friday, August 16 (and the weekend to execute).
Assignment: Shop 'til you drop!
This weekend is the tipping point between the planning and the executing stage of the Cure and you don't want anything holding you back once you get started on your projects. Trust me: last minute roller runs just aren't that much fun! Get Wednesday's shopping list in hand and start crossing things off...

Today's Assignment:  Calling all shoppers!
•  Do your best to gather the all the "project" items such as paint, tools and supplies on your list by Monday. I know it's tempting to take the weekend off but the time you spend now is crucial. Nothing adds to the success potential of a project more that starting off prepared. Knowing that you have everything you need before you settle in to work makes a huge difference. Calculate how much paint and fabric you need, double check your stock of other supplies at home and then go, go, go.
•  If you are shopping for specific products such as furniture or accessories, don't rush. This is the perfect time to really dig into the marketplace and start making those purchasing decisions, but if you don't see what you are looking for this weekend, don't feel pressured into accepting second-best - just keep looking. You still have plenty of time.

The plan for this weekend was to relax (as much as we can with after shocks hitting us!) and shop.

 We've decided to go with a Rag Rug from the Cotton Store.

We're not painting as I've said before - as we're renting.

We are also trying to source a couch cover, hopefully we can find one that fits!  -- I'd rather one was slightly too large and I can take it in, either with some safety pins or I can tack it into place? --

I'm also going to buy some more 3M hooks/ hanging strips so I can reposition some posters/ prints, sitting in the new lounge space feels a little weird. The pictures are just too high on the wall to be able to appreciate them while seated. Hope that makes sense.
- I'm going to move the Absinthe poster from near the kitchen and swap it with the "bubbles" print that's currently in the lounge area. Because I feel it would be more appropriate to the space.

In other news the kitchen is getting it's own make over - we're waiting on the landlord to get some things arranged before I reveal anything else!

Another aftershock just hit so we're on alert again!

As always more ideas on my pinterest board:

So an update of what I got up to today, on top of the aftershocks which keep rocking us... We got some shopping and put the things into the lounge spot. I'm happy to announce we're working on some more things, so I am not done with the Cure yet!

Here's some photos of our progress:

We have gone from this:



Note the poster relocation, was nearer the kitchen before. 

Couch Cover: $30 The Living Co, from the Warehouse, in a Herringbone print (in navy).

The mat is a Rag Rug Mat from The Cotton Store. $38 for the size of 90x120cm.
Bean Bag  (also from the Warehouse) bag cost me $20 and beans were $50. *Bought a few months ago.

The chair is sort of temporary, but it's good for an extra seat. 

The suitcase actually got moved between the fridge and freezer, to help increase the space here.

Owls & plants

The Entry way and Kitchen. That's a freezer and Fridge on the floor to the left.
Also note the picture relocation to here.

All up to date I have spent: $68.00

$30 - couch cover.
$38 - rag rug.

Plus some 3m adhesive strips which I already had in the cupboard.
(They're normally $6.99 a packet.)


  1. Hope you are staying safe. We want to shake up the room, but safely!

    1. Hi May, Indeed we do!
      Safety first. :)

      The style cure is still all on, and we're working on more pieces as the month continues. I am hoping we will accomplish even more before the end of the month - shakes or not!