Saturday, 17 August 2013

Interruption to the usual programming

We have an interruption to the usual programming, to announce that we're being rocked by Earthquakes.

For the past 48 hours or so central New Zealand has been hit by a flurry of tremors. Unlike the Quakes in July these ones have been centred on land. This has caused more problems, as buildings have become damaged. The July quakes were all centred out at sea, near the coast of New Zealand. A small town in the South Island called Seddon, has been the epicentre of a lot of the action.

In Wellington - where I am based, the earthquakes have caused superficial damage to buildings and some parts of the town remain cordoned over night.

Today we had the excitement of watching the building next to us get a bit of a cosmetic fix - removal of bricks and other bits that were all cracked in the July quake - these cracked further and caused problems yesterday.

Superficial Damage to the building, was already cracked at the July quakes.

Today: Progress, the men came and smashed the broken parts out....

It's currently just after 10pm on Saturday 17th of August and there's men down on the street putting in barriers to stop people from getting close to the walls of the car parking building.
There's also a tape barrier which the local Paint Shop put up this afternoon to stop people from parking along the exterior edge of the building (along that wall where the man is standing in the last photo).

No damage to our place, the usual "earthquake detector" (aka my hairbrush) was on the floor again when we came back in, and nothing else has fallen.
We're lucky we moved the fridge out of the cupboard and onto the floor on Thursday!

In the meantime, stay safe everyone and keep calm. :)


Keeping an eye on Geonet:
All the latest quake info will be updated there.

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