Sunday, 18 August 2013

Media Frenzy and being Famous

So I was just browsing the local news and realised I'm famous...

Just found some stories I've been in this year.
A few are from the website Stuff Nation. It's a place where people can write in and share their stories. It's quite cool. I think it takes about a week for posts to be edited and then published.

These are some I've been featured in (or written myself).

January 3rd, 2013:
A few took the same line as Lisa Taylor, who blamed the quality of this year's event on the controversial decision to use Wellington companies to design and install the lights.
"This is what happens when out of towners do the lights . . . "

April 9th, 2013:
A piece written by me.

June 15th, 2013:
"But some people meet in a chatroom and sometimes on Facebook, which is how former New Plymouth couple Lisa Taylor, 24, and Daniel Ryan, 27 met.
Growing up in New Plymouth they had "heaps" of mutual friends, so ended up connected on Facebook. They chatted online for quite a long time, meeting in person when Taylor moved to Wellington.
"We had all these friends in common and we were like, 'How did we never meet in person before now?' "
Facebook worked for Taylor and Ryan, but AUT University psychology lecturer Dr Pani Farvid says research shows people rarely use Facebook for dating and hooking up because it is not very anonymous and people have to be more honest as to who they are."
They got Dan's age wrong, he's only 26. :)

August 8th, 2013:
A longer piece written by me.
It's also something that was on my blog earlier. 
And it's the longest piece I've written for the news. 

Some feedback:
"My friend Lisa and her battle with asthma, well written article my friend :-)"
"Very interesting read".

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