Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Day 8 of the Style Cure August 2013.

Welcome to day 8! How time flies when you're having fun!
Today we're choosing pint colours and thinking about our décor pairings.

"Think about a Decor "Pairing": While painting is probably the most powerful tool in a room refresh, your Cure will be more successful if you take on (at least) one other update to work on that will help to "complete" the room, just as a well-chosen wine does for food. This decor "pairing" can be large or small, a purchase or a diy project. Tomorrow, we can get into those details. 

For today, just think about what your room is most lacking in terms of visual depth (examples: an accent color, varied texture, more light, a dose of bold pattern) and/or what it really needs to be more comfortable (examples: curtains you can close at night, a standing lamp to read by, a place to store the magazines, cushy pillows for napping on the sofa).  The goal is to come up with a decor "pairing" that will attempt to fulfill some of these needs for the space. 

For instance, if you are lacking texture AND need a place to hide the remotes, you might end up looking for a vintage woven basket. If you need some privacy from your neighbors and more pattern, sewing up some striped curtains might do the trick. If the bathroom floor is chilly and you need to balance all the white fixtures, a small bright rug might be in your future, For now, don't worry about the exact details or specifics of products or projects, just decide on the rooms needs that you'd like to try address and what you think will best remedy them."

Okay, so because I am not painting I am skipping the paint parts of today's cure.
Last night I thought about making a Photo Area: to display my photographs and cameras. So I will be working on doing that as well!
Might just add to the photo board I already started:

Also trying to work out placement for the furniture. I'd like the sofa bed/ bean bag/ chair configuration to be user friendly when the space is in what I'm calling "guest mode". So we don't have to worry about things being too out of place, or in the way! 

The following images are what we're dealing with:

Curtains are covering a double window (on the outside parts) and ranch slider door situation. Because of how the curtains hang, I'd like the furniture off them (like how the shelf thing is in the pictures).

The other thing is the balcony is *right there* and neighbours can see straight in. So would like to keep it all open (for light purposes) but also so it can be 'closed off' for privacy when a guest is here.
I am thinking the curtain situation will be fine though. 

Close up of the curtain situation.

That sofa bed. 
The pillows off to the side have gone.
& the shelf is now between the doors between bedroom and bathroom.
Current location of sofa: which I'm not keen on!

Back to pinterest to get more ideas and see what else I can find: 

Day 8 can be found in more detail here:

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