Saturday, 10 August 2013

Style Cure Day 7.

So we're up to days 7, 8, and 9 already!
Today (day 7) is all about cleaning the space.

Day 7:
Day 7: Friday, August 9...and the Weekend of August 10 & 11
Assignment: Clean and Declutter Your Room & Collect Paint Chips
So far, we've been being quite cerebral about our Style Cure room refresh. Thinking about our personal style, gathering inspiration, making floorplans, learning about color - lots of stuff in our heads and nothing to really get our hands dirty. Well, get ready to get more physical! It's time to roll up your sleeves...
1. Declutter.
2. Clean
3. Collect paint chips for colour scheme. 

Because I'm not allowed to repaint the space, and I don't need to collect paint chips as a result. I am instead thinking about the colour scheme for the furnishings and the colours for the space.

It is a Guest Room area.
It is a space to relax.
It is a space to socialise, talk, hang out, drink and eat in. 
It is a space which is quite open (to the balcony) as well as an easy view in for the neighbours!

Baring all these in mind ... I have decided the wall colour we've been blessed with actually fits quite well. I am thinking about red rag rug mats for the floor.
The carpet is shot (stained, marked etc) but nothing we can do really; I have tried every stain removal I can think of and still they won't budge! *Thinking the stains have been there for years!
The bean bag is staying, it's beige. 
The other furniture I am considering moving/ painting/ selling. I haven't fully decided yet. 
Adding more, and more, pins to my board on pinterest:

We're currently searching for a couch cover for the sofa couch - it fixes the 'eyesore' problem I have with it, helps to tidy it. Helps to let people (ie me) think it's clean instead of the horrible thing it is! ;)
Ahh if only I could convince the BF to just buy one with me! ;)
Also considering the covers for the cushions on the couch - they're currently dark green! (Yick).
Also considering staining/painting the fabric on the two chairs I have (used to be used with a dining table - which was a 4 seater, the others were too rusty/ dodgy so they've gone). I would like to upgrade to an actual armchair though... *dreaming*. 


  1. SO looking forward to see what you're going to do with it. Love your pinterest board as well!

    1. Hi Ida! Thanks for stopping by. I am hoping it will look fantastic. The whole thing is crazy at the moment. I'm trying to do it on a $0 budget, but in all honesty it will cost me a little bit more than that! Hoping under $100!