Friday, 9 August 2013

Style Cure Day 6

So we're up to day 6 of the Apartment Therapy Style Cure.

Day 6: Thursday, August 8
Assignment: Learn About Color 
After working with Maxwell for many years, I can attest to the fact that he is a gifted teacher. The skills he learned in his former profession as a Waldorf instructor carry over to his design work and he's able to make concepts that can seem complex or intimidating understandable. At this point in the Cure, it's time to gain confidence in your design choices - we know that you can do it and that you'll do it well, but you need to feel prepared. I know that color is one of the areas that many people feel unsure about, so let's use some of Maxwell's clear and concise color lessons to get you feeling on top of the topic...
Today's Assignment:
Maxwell says that In order to make good choices with color you only need to know a few things. The concepts of Warm and Cool colors and the 80/20 rule.

Okay, so today's lesson is about learning about colour and how it effects the room/ furnishings etc.
Our apartment is quite dark because we're squashed so close to our neighbours tall building.
We are not allowed to change the paint colours, the carpet, or the curtains. We can change the furnishings however! So I am thinking about getting a rug for the floor near the couch. Creating a cozy space we can chill out/ read books/ watch movies/ have friends over for drinks etc.
It also has to double function as a Guest Room area as well - so the horrible sofa bed couch which I despise, does have to stay for the moment... However I can re-cover it (again) in a different material, maybe think about the colours for the cushions and rug floor cover! 
This is the "before" image of the lounge area as it currently is. Yes, there is washing hanging inside. No it is not there forever! And yes, I did have the doors open so it's not damp in here.
The bean bag is awesome, although plain coloured. The area over near the couch with the red cover/ framed image and pink owl is temporary as well - I will need to get a table or something I'm thinking as well.

At this stage I am in love with Blues and Reds. I think they will make the area pop and create just enough colour to keep it nice. Not too girly!
This also works well with what Max said in today's lesson: 
"Warm colors therefore work really well in the social rooms of your house, such as the living room, dining room and kitchen. They are also ideal for restaurants and bars, where socializing, eating and drinking are paramount."
The area is for socialising, and it's the living room! Technically the kitchen and living are in the Main Room anyway. (One big space).
The wall colour (beige/ off white) is good for relaxing, calming and is good in a restful place, which is also what the space will be. So that works as well.

My budget still stands at $0, however we are going to buy the mats and have a long hard think about the couch covers. 
Hopefully this weekend we will get the mats for the floor. - We've chosen to buy 2 smaller mats as it's cheaper than buying one large one! And we can use them in multiple places later on - rather than having a large mat that suits this place but not another one. (Because we're renting). It also works out to be cheaper for the mats to buy 2 smaller ones than one large one. (Of the same floor space being covered!)

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