Thursday, 8 August 2013

Style Cure Day 5!

Style Cure Day 5 is to create a floor plan.
Because I'm not doing over a whole room - rather I am doing over parts -due to finances I went with brainstorming more ideas for how I'd like the space to look.
"Today's task, while a little time consuming, will fulfill several purposes. One, it's easier to be objective about problems and issues in your room when you go through the process of simply reducing the space and items in it to a 2d plan - it gives you some emotional distance. Two, it will be helpful to have all your measurements recorded in one place. Three, it will come in handy when you are working on the flow of your room. Now that you are (hopefully!) convinced of its usefulness, lets get to it..."

Okay, so I have been thinking about the apartment and the 'bits' I'd like to re-do. I can't afford to make huge changes. I've been keeping an eye on TradeMe (local auction website) for deals, so hopefully we can score something cheaper that looks good and works well.

I thought more about what kind of things I'd like in the space, the couch end of the main room isn't very functional. No one really stops and sits there/ reads books/ watches movies ... so I think it would be nice to create a cosy area where we can sit, chat, read, watch things etc.

The space is also used by visitors who stay over - we fold the couch out into an extra bed. So it does need to be functional as a guest room/ sleeping area as well.

It also has the floor to ceiling (close enough) windows/ doors in the middle which leads to the balcony.

At the moment it is the washing area - drying on racks. Not the best solution, but it's winter.
Really wish we could just use the balcony or drier them.

One thing I thought about today was incorporating the space to feel a bit more 'together'. At the moment, it feels a bit piece-y. Like it doesn't quite all link together. I'm wondering about removing the blue desk (maybe painting it? it needs re-stabilising as well - it's really wobbly) and moving Dan's desk and the freezer so they're closer to the kitchen end of the place.

I don't know.
The space just doesn't quite work for me.

Back to pinterest I think to get more ideas.

My board keeps being updated.

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