Thursday, 29 August 2013

Days 16-20 of the August Style Cure

Days 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20 all in one go!

So today is Day 20, and since I was away all weekend I didn't get to do any more of the cure!

We had an engagement party for one of my cousins, who is getting married in December.
Great party and great to catch up with family. Also got a new photo shoot done of the family (parents, siblings and Dan) so there will be more photos around soon enough!

Day 20's task is Hanging Artwork. In my case I re-positioned the two pieces and swapped their location from the kitchen wall to the lounge and vice versa.

I used Command 3M hanging strips on the poster and a 3M Command hook and strip on the back of the canvas photograph (the bubbles).

The 3M range is awesome, can be moved and changed when you want and doesn't damage the walls! (Which is awesome for us while renting, because the landlord wants the walls to stay perfect!)

The Hooks and strips come in packs and they're around $7-$20 (NZD) depending on what you get.
I buy mine from the local Warehouse, The Plastic Box or Briscoes.

The Bubbles photograph on the wall, and the "before" of the lounge area/ cozy space for guests. 

The after. 

The Bubbles are now closer to the kitchen/ entry area.