Saturday, 31 August 2013

Day 21 Style Cure (Final day!)

Day 21.
I made it. An entire month! Okay, so to sum up: today I vaccuumed the floors as I was cleaning so the 'after' photos would look amazingly awesome and I moved the new red rag rug to find...

That the carpet is PINK. Yes, that is right, Pink. Not beige/off white any more but pink!!!

^&%$  $%&^


So into the washing machine went the rag rug, and silly me not reading instructions put it through normal wash (as I do with all my washing - except woollens, they're special)... and added vinegar to the wash and everything...

The rag rug looks a mess.

(Sorry, no, there is no photo).

It's currently looking pretty sad drying on a rack out on the balcony. I am hopeful that some time in the sun and when it's all dry it will look okay again.

In summary though, this month's cure has been awesome.
I've seen things in a new light. I've created an awesome hang out space (we've been using it even!). The entry way is opened up and feels cleaner and nicer. All the chemicals have a place. (Laundry ones that is).

We're still working on the Pantry. I know, I can't believe we will soon have a proper large space to actually store our food! The landlord is still getting things organised, I need to contact him again and see what's happening.

Some Before photos: 

During the cure: 

After the cure:

I need to add some more when the mats back in place, and then I can show you all how it all ties together. 

The Kitchen (large cupboard at the left in the above photo) is where the fridge was, and will soon have shelves put in, so we will have an actual pantry. After having food stored in a small fridge, small freezer and that small cupboard (above the dishwasher) I am sure you can understand how excited we are to have a proper space to put food items! 

Still working on the heat transfer issue between the new pantry area space and the washing machine/ drier in the lower cupboard (to the left of the dishwasher between there and the trolley rack by the entry door).

We've also bought an air-bed for guests to sleep on, rather than the couch. As I suggested it isn't as comfortable for adults to sleep on. The air-bed is pretty awesome, plugs into the wall and self inflates/ deflates... and it measures about 50cm off the floor! (Half a metre!)

All in all, a good months work.
Can't wait to see the other's work and their 'final results'. 

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