Sunday, 1 September 2013

September a month of looking out at the world from Rose Tinted Glasses

September already!
August (and the rest of the year) has just flown by!

This month I've decided to write about things which I've found online and been thinking about.

Today I have decided to talk about and think about things people do to change the skin they're in. Plastic surgery, piercings, tattoos, permanent and temporary 'fixes' for problems they seem to think they have.
But is it really a bunch of 'problems' these people have? Something created by society, nay the media? To make people think they're less than ideal? That they're not perfect? That they *need* help to maintain, get, and be *perfect*?

Recently I got my ears pierced. Nothing major.

 I have had my ear lobes pierced since I was 5 or 6. When I was 21 I got my belly button pierced.
I decided a while ago (over a year ago) that I wanted to add to my piercings collection. I dreamt of the day I could rock an Industrial Piercing. I dreamt of a day when I'd have more than one hole in each earlobe, filled with shiny jewellery.

I created a "body mods" board on pinterest, where I could make a collection of ideas. I could learn the pro's and con's. I could see the different places, functions, styles etc.
You can check it out here:

While there I learned about something called Keloids (bumps that form around a piercing) and hypertrophic scarring (it looks like a raised scar). They sounded serious, and scary. I researched some more in medical journals and asked at the local piercing studios. They mostly assured me that it was rare, and usually because of an infection. As long as I keep it clean, dry and sterile I would be okay.

Thursday last week I went and got my lobes (second holes) and Industrial done:
I went to NinjaFlower, it's a great Piercing Studio in Wellington New Zealand.

Right ear: just two earlobe piercings.

Left ear: two earlobe piercings an the Industrial.

Of the piercings, I felt the Industrial hurt a lot more when it was being done - the ball on the bottom of the bar (outside of my ear) wouldn't go on properly so it had to be moved to manipulate the ball into place. Hurt quite a bit. About a 7 or 8 out of 10.
The earlobes (second holes) didn't hurt so much. Even now,  three days later I can't feel them hurting. The Industrial however is a different story - it's a slight throb (about a 3-4 out of 10) unless I bump it (when washing hair, brushing hair, eating, or something) then it's back to a 6 or 7.

Anyway, my meaning to this long post was I read this article about "Real Life Barbie" who is addicted to plastic surgery. She is now a 53 year old woman, who has had well over 100 surgeries. I think there's something wrong with her mental health - and I can't believe surgeons are allowing her to continually go under their knives! 

Anyway, I hope the links work,

Sarah Burge: addicted to Plastic Surgery.

I think Plastic Surgery should only be undertaken with strict procedures being undertaken and strict criteria being met. I'm not one to think Plastic Surgery should be an option for body modifications - except in trauma. Sadly that is where the 53 year olds surgery began - after a severe beating she had her face, body etc reconstructed in a new way. Her surgeries now are for "maintaining" instead of accepting that she's older and will be ageing.

 *** Oh and by the way, I am all for tattoos and piercings for body modifications, however I prefer that my personal ones are "reversible". I can remove them if I want to. -- Then again I will one day be an old lady rocking piercings. ;)