Monday, 2 September 2013

Rose Tinted Glasses turning 25, things to do before I turn 25.

Quarter of a Century! Who would have thought it? Me, 25 years old.

Well not today, not quite yet. I have about 20 days until I turn 25 officially.
Here's a list of 25 things I'd like to do before turning 25.

Twenty Five things before 25:

I have 20 days to do them: (technically 18, since I'll be having my party on the 21st of September). Although, just make it to the end of the month to be fair. ;-)

Here goes: 25 things: 
1. Party on the 21st of September. (Official date is Sunday 22nd): having dessert with friends at a local restaurant.

2. Blow up 25 balloons.

3. Make Birthday Cake!

4. Continue on the September theme on my blog:

"September a month of looking out at the world from Rose Tinted Glasses"

Reading, being inspired... 

5. Dressing my age. HA! 

6. Wearing more grown up shoes?

7. Finding ways to do my hair - a long pixie cut can be annoying - only so many ways I can do it. 

8. Think about / plan the tattoo that I still haven't gotten! (Memorial for Mike). 

9. Spend time with friends. 

10. Teach my kids more ESOL. 

11. Visit my Chinese Migrant ESOL student.

12. Read more. 

13. Get more creative in my dinner cooking. 

14. Buy more flower seeds and plant them (around my birthday would mean they'd be blooming when BF's Mum comes to stay in December!) 

15. Take more photos.

16. Scan the negatives onto my laptop.
Upload them. 

17. Print more photos and add to my photo board. 

18. Continue with my "August Style Cure" and add the "final" photos of the space. 

19. Continue to battle for a job. (It's a hard market out there). 

20. Flatmates I'm looking at you for this one and the next one!
Go to a Gay Bar. (Hey there's one just across the street). 

21. AND  Go to a strip club. Haha. 

22. Do more of what I love - blogging and photography!

23. Explore more of Wellington: go shopping. 

24. Take a weekend to explore a 'new' part of town. 

25. Simplify my life: toss the junk from my life. 

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