Tuesday, 24 September 2013

2 days post birthday Rose Tinted Glasses

So you would think that turning 25, would make me older and wiser? Oh how wrong that idea is.

Today I was bullied over a comment I made online. I even suggested it may be insensitive (so I said so in my comment). Anyway, over the next 2 hours I was bombarded with rude responses, bullying tactics.
After my comment had been up no less than 5 hours, a friend messaged me suggesting I remove it.

It made me stop and think:

Just how many people are there every day who feel like someone's comment is an attack on them? As a person. Not an attack on their idea(s) but on them, as an individual?

The comments I received were personal attacks, suggesting I am:

- "stupid"
-"insensitive" (as said before, I had already apologised if it sounded as such).
- "immature"
-that I "have no brain". -- bit hard to function without one.
-"That I am some sort of idiot" to say the things I had.

All of these comments made me get angry; They weren't an attack on my opinion (that I could handle, people disagree all the time, and I have no problem with healthy debates)
But attacking ME as a person.

Surely I am not the only one to be thinking this, surely I am not the only one who feels they've been cyber-bullied.

I know there are people online who troll, out for a laugh or whatever, but some of these comments were very sinister.

And yes, I did report them.