Sunday, 22 September 2013

Rose Tinted glasses, Parties and Birthdays

So it's official. I am older. Wiser? Stronger? Braver? More mature. Oh yes. All of those things!

Today I turned 25.
I'm quarter of a century old.
I now qualify for cheaper car insurance.
I can now also learn how to drive my parents left hand drive car! (I had no insurance until 25, to drive it).

25 Years Old, here's to many more to come: *raises glass*

Just some photos from the past 48 hours:
Went for dessert at Strawberry Fare on Saturday evening, and had a small get together for a brunch on Sunday - actual birthday day.

Food from Strawberry Fare, a popular dessert restaurant in Wellington CBD.

Chocolate cake with melted chocolate as icing.

Vanilla cake with vanilla icing, it melted.

Pictures from Brunch on my actual birthday day...

The weather on my birthday wasn't flash, but the sun came out for a while.

Birthday gifts. Including a Dictionary from 1893!

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