Tuesday, 17 September 2013

So what? I am awesome. I have my rock moves. Rose tinted glasses.

So this week being my birthday week - hey if it's actually on Sunday, why not have some fun for the whole week? This week started with my usual work, and then some more when I was called to do some extra!

Because of this, I decided to do some things this week for me. Starting today... like today, I have stayed in bed for many hours.

Browsing online.

Looking at things of interest.
Okay, okay, nothing bad! I'm not a naughty one! Despite what those rumours say! Haha.

 Pinterest got some attention, as it does.


Then since I was hungry - and too lazy to go and cook some food I already had - I went to the local Burger Fuel. Naturally. #FirstWorldProblems and all that.

Sitting here undertaking a friends challenge: to complete an entire BF meal. Yeah. Not an easy task. Years ago I would have been able to buy a regular sized burger meal to do this.

Yeah. Okay, so I cheated, I got the 'girls version'... Lightweight burger, Basic Chicken, with fries and aoili and a 330ml coca cola. Not even 3/4 through my chips and I'm starting to feel full! This is not cool!


Photo of bitten burger and a few chips missing. - I was too hungry to wait! ;)


Listening to 'old' music on youtube, mostly songs from 2006-2012. Colbie Caillat, The Band Perry, Taylor Swift, Sara Bareilles, Adele, Bruno Mars... so many strong love songs!
Like these:

If I die young -The Band Perry

Bleeding Love - Leona Lewis.

Airplanes - B.O.B & Hayley Williams

OneRepublic - Secrets

Forgot to mention, plugged in Dan's speakers - bass is pumping.

My singing has turned into Jessie J styles, no idea how I can sing/ rap with a 'British' sound? haha. Maybe it's sounding crazy to others, but sounds 'cool' to me. haha.

Sorry neighbours!

I really can't understand some people. Okay, so to clarify, I have had a few family dramas in the past 48 hours - so much drama. Sister decided she hates me because I suggested something to her, and instead of being polite and replying in a nice way she nutted out - defriending me and her best friend off facebook, not just un-friending, but also blocking! Crazy.
I am not looking forward to going home and seeing her face to face. I have decided she's too filled with her own stupid ideas. No point me trying to get her to have any view. She won't listen to any suggestion no matter how innocent it's meant to be.

It forced me to post these:

"Wow, just wow. Some people... 
I'm not going to go into it." (16th September).

"Okay so in the past few months I have heard multiple people complain about what I post on my own facebook account: here's a news flash for you; if you're not happy with what I'm posting, how I'm posting it, or anything else... You can do this little thing called Unfriending me. Unfollow my posts. I do not care if you leave. 
I don't want to have another message telling me to "get a life" and "stop posting stupid stuff"... As I said, if you don't like what I post on MY wall, go." (17 September).

Just going to leave those there - with the note, my friends on FB all took my side, and said things along the lines of 'go you, stand up, stand your ground...' and so on.

On that note, I am singing and dancing to this song:
I don't need you!

Okay, I can report back... I completed the challenge! Only took me around 30 minutes. (Unlike this post which has taken me over 2 hours!)
Photo evidence below: