Sunday, 15 September 2013

Rose tints and What to get for birthday gift?

This post is probably going to sound a bit presumptuous, and I apologise in advance!

This morning I woke to the news my grandfather had been in hospital all weekend - and he'd just headed into theatre for an emergency operation. *Sigh*. Nothing I can do being 4 hours away!
My boyfriend kept me distracted all afternoon while I patiently waited to hear *any* news from my mum.
The news came around 4 hours later - saying operation went well and he's still in hospital - going to be a long road to recovery I think.

Anyway, getting off track! So Dan my boyfriend asked what I would like for my birthday, since I'll be 25 in one week....
This is hard.
I mean, it's not like I just can't go and buy stuff when I need it, you know?

So I thought I'd come up with a list of things I'd *like* to do, see, experience..

1. Get a Massage at a salon. (Voucher?)

2. Get my nails done - I bite them, it's no secret. (Voucher?)

3.Go for a Hot Air Balloon ride - kind of expensive! ($350; Definitely on my bucket list to do before 40!)

4. A scrapbook, or photo album of pictures and memories.

5. A hand written letter from someone special.

6. Digital camera! My one died a while ago and I just haven't gotten around to replacing it yet.

7.  A local helicopter flight - a good way to see the local area. (Just saw that Heli-Pro do one from the wharf, it's only 10 minutes! $95). There must be better deals.

8. A grown up watch: silver.

9. Silver charms for charm bracelet -- I have some particular ones already though -- something that represents Wellington?

10. Washi Tape, Pens, coloured pens, Apple pen cup, whiteboard markers, scented highlighters... all can be found at Typo/ Smiggle. Although can be from other places. :)

11. Jewellery: silver, sapphires, Cubic Zirconia...

12. Voucher(s) : Glassons, Valleygirl, Temt, Farmers, The Warehouse, Typo, Diva.

13. Hair clips, hair pins...

14. Owls, cameras, photography, baking stuff... (I need some new -bright coloured - measuring spoons!)

Awww man, cannot think of more. I do really want to go out to Queensgate and just go crazy with a little shopping. ;) If only I were rich. A work in progress. :)

Hope I've dropped enough hints.