Saturday, 14 September 2013

Rose glasses: busy life

Sometimes life is just too hectic and busy.

The past few days have been very hectic actually, even though I have been sleeping a lot. I have no idea why I have been sleeping for around ten or eleven hours each night.

I keep sleeping late. Bedtime is before midnight, and somehow I wake around 10 or 11am. Oops.
Cannot be great - but also know I'm healthier than ever. If a little lazy - I really should be exercising more!

A friend of my sister came down to Wellington for the day yesterday and it was fantastic to spend some time with K and her boyfriend S for some hours. Met their friend M who is lovely.
Ended up driving out to Queensgate the local Mall for some shopping, wandering around and just having fun.  Us girls ended up wandering along all three levels - while the two boys (M and S) stayed on the middle level. So cute to find them in the same area we'd left them in.

**Dan of course was busy working, and was surprised to get my message saying "We're heading to Queensgate". Especially since I'd only had about half an hours notice that they were in town! (Actually they'd arrived and had called to ask for directions, they were less than 10 minutes drive away).

So crazy.

So fun.

Cannot wait to do it all again.

K and I decided that I need to find a purple dress for my cousins wedding which is coming up in December, so it's my latest mission. It's looking like Mission Impossible to find one at the moment.

Looking on the colour wheel though -- bridal party is wearing coral/pink and blues... so I was thinking either Purple or and Orange/ Red/ Yellow.
I don't wear yellow, but an orange or red may also work if I can't find a purple one.

I'm loving dresses like this:
But a stronger colour. I cannot do pastels! They wash me out and I end up looking sickly. (Not a good look!)

There's a few more on my "Style" board too...

Probably going to wear either black cute flats or buy some wedges to wear -- if I can actually walk in them! If I try some wedges on and I can't walk around very well, I'll stick to the flats.

I got them in Melbourne last year - small, cute, black leather, brown soled...
Actually they're kind of like these: