Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Pink Hair, Pink glasses?

Just a bit of a flashback of a memory in that title there. About a year ago I rocked some pink hair.
Might be able to find a photo...

So I have been talking about writing a follow up to my No-Poo/ Low-Poo Journey. I swear I was getting around to it!

Okay here goes: a quick intro and summary of what's happened so far: 

January 2013 I saw this thing on Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/pin/164240717633330678/
A Shampoo Technique which cut out all the 'nasty' parabens, silicones and sulfates... Sounds interesting. I read a lot of blogs, a lot of magazine articles. (Sad to point out very few science journals!)
There's more info here too:
http://pinterest.com/pin/164240717633272876/ (Code Red Hat aka Leah's awesome blog!)
Leah is the main blogger I followed in the No-Poo journey. Her posts are good; she attempts to explain the how and the why.

February 2013 (or so) I thought I may as well try this Shampoo technique (in the name of Science!)
About 4 and a half months later, I changed back to Low-Poo shampoo from using the Baking Soda solution.
I changed to Water Only for a while. (A technique where you use water to clean your hair.) I followed this with the diluted Vinegar Conditioner.

The Diluted Vinegar Conditioner (we shorthand it to ACV - apple cider vinegar OR DWV - distilled white vinegar) is simply water mixed with vinegar. The ratios are dependent on each person - the same amounts don't work for everyone. I use quite a high ratio, mine is 50% water and 50% vinegar.
I found that changing the ratios (vinegar only being 20% to 80% water, wasn't effective enough).

The reasons I wanted to try this technique: 
1. I was sick of using shampoos and conditioners - where I couldn't pronounce the ingredients.

2. I was annoyed at how much dandruff I had. I thought my head would *never* stop itching.
-- I even saw my GP over it. (Personal doctor - general practitioner- if anyone's not familiar with the term).

3. I wanted to see how the technique worked.
I wanted to learn why people were turning to such unconventional methods.
I wanted to find out for myself if it actually worked.

In theory it sounded awesome. Like a dream. Almost too good to be true.
So I took the plunge. (literally).

Today, 9 months on: I am back with a Low-Poo shampoo - although I am ashamed to say, I fail at reading labels properly and have found it's not low-poo (as it contains sulfates!)
--Big shame on me.
I am still using the 50% vinegar and 50% water ratio for my conditioner.
I have less dandruff. My scalp doesn't itch.

I also asked my hairdresser about it, (oh no, here we go, anecdote from a 'friend'...)
and he said the vinegar conditioner is good - acid closes the hair shaft after it's been opened by the shampoo.

(Sorry I need to read more science stuff!)
Pretty much hair shaft - open- from the shampoo. Then it -Closes- with the conditioner.
Pretty basic terminology there. (I don't like to get overly technical, but I will try to find some more science-y articles to post below as a comment).

And for interest, women's magazines say this:

Also I will post photos tomorrow - another blog post for the 'nitty gritty' of how this all works!